2017 Foodways Texas Symposium


Texas Food Routes
7th Annual Foodways Texas Symposium
April 27-28, 2017
Fort Worth, Texas

We are excited to announce that “Texas Food Routes,” the 2017 Foodways Texas Symposium, will be held in Fort Worth on April 27-28. Mark your calendars! “Texas Food Routes” will explore the simple fact that food moves people. Civilizations all over the world have followed animal migrations and seasonal food patterns, carried preserved and commodity foods long distances for both sustenance and trade, and traveled through grocery stores and to restaurants in order to satisfy their hunger. As such, “Texas Food Routes” will cover the interplay of food, foodways, and mobility in Texas history and in its contemporary society. We will investigate topics such as the railroad and railcar dining, the interstate system and food distribution, and the migration of peoples and foods across Texas. The Symposium will feature a kickoff chuckwagon dinner on Thursday evening, as well as a full Friday of speakers, panels, and meals prepared to fit the symposium theme by notable chefs in the north Texas region. We are so pleased to be in Fort Worth this year and hope to see a lot of new faces amongst our ever-growing Foodways Texas family.

Veterans of past symposia might notice that we have scaled back the symposium to 1 ½ days this year. We do so for several reasons including greater access to the event, a tighter program, and the flexibility it will afford us to plan more events each year around the state. The change will allow us to lower the ticket price as well. Members will pay $200 and non-members $225, which as usual will include not only the panels but all meals and plenty of drinks. Tickets will go on sale February 1st at 10 am. If you have questions about the change, please contact us at info@foodwaystexas.com.

Texas Food Routes
April 27-28, 2017
Fort Worth, Texas

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
10 am


Foodways Texas Members: $200
General Public: $225

Hotel Accomodations

We are always eager to make connections with new sponsors for our Symposium, so if you would like to be involved in some way, or be a key sponsor for the event, please contact Marvin Bendele at marvin@foodwaystexas.com.

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Become a Foodways Texas Member, Help Us Document Texas Food Cultures


Become a member of Foodways Texas today! If you’re interested in supporting our efforts to document and promote foodways in Texas, please consider becoming an annual member now. Membership dollars go to building our oral history archive and creating quality documentary films that preserve our diverse food cultures.

Membership in Foodways Texas has its tangible benefits as well, including discounted rates on all of our official events and merchandise. Our wildly popular Barbecue Summer Camp and our annual Foodways Texas Symposium are just two of the many events we plan each year. Each offers great Texas food and drink prepared by Texas chefs and artisans, coupled with educational panels from scholars and noted authorities on the foodways of our state. Both events have limited slots available, but members get the benefit of registering before the general public.

Come join a close-knit community and network of scholars, chefs, journalists, restaurateurs, farmers, ranchers, and other citizens of the state of Texas and beyond who have made it their mission to preserve, promote, and celebrate the diverse food cultures of Texas.

Ready to join us now? Click here.
Still need more information? Go to our membership page for levels and additional membership info, or shoot us an email at info@foodwaystexas.com.

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From the Archives


In this 2012 interview, Eric Covey and Gavin Benke interview Rick Schmidt of Kreuz Market in Lockhart, on behalf of Southern Foodways Alliance and the American Studies Department at the University of Texas at Austin and as part of the Central Texas Barbecue Trail Project. Open since 1900, the story of Kreuz Market reveals the roots of Texas Barbecue joints, many of which originally opened as meat markets or as slaughterhouses. Rick explains the importance of Kreuz Market to the town’s history and industries, as well its role as an incubator for other Central Texas Barbecue establishments.

“The knives were chained to the tables. Uh, that was to keep them from being stolen. Uh, Kreuz Market back in the early, or the mid-part of the century, ’50s and ’60s, was in the middle of a block that had about seven or eight, uh, beer taverns. ‘Beer joints;’ is what we called them, but—and, uh, somebody would get a little bit too much to drink and—and, uh, want to eat; well, they’d come over.”

Listen to the full audio here: Kreuz Market


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From the Archives

Scott Pryor interviews David Cortez of Mi Tierra Restaurant and Bakery in San Antonio in this oral history from 2012. Foodways Texas members were lucky enough to enjoy semitas from Mi Tierra at our 2015 Symposium. Here, David shares stories of his father’s migration to Texas during the Depression and memories of growing up in the restaurant industry in San Antonio in the 1950s and 60s.

I always say that, “The Mercado was the cradle of Mexican Food, for Tejas, San Antonio, and The Market, is still cooking the same food and traditions from way back hundreds of years. My Father didn’t know that the word, ‘Tex Mex,’ he knew Americano, but things evolve.”
- David Cortez

Listen to the full audio here: http://av.cah.utexas.edu/index.php?title=Foodways%3AMi_tierra_restaurant01

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From the Archives

Here, Niko Tonks interviews Brock Wagner of Saint Arnold’s Brewery in Houston. Brock shares the story of his transition from home brewer to owner of Saint Arnold’s.

“As a home brewer, it was like – - there was sort of the fun of creating these flavors. There was a little bit of fun of beer archeology, and that you could bring back, you know, or brew a Porter, which had really died out – - and also, you know, It was, really very eye opening, just the freshness of the beer, when you drank the beer that fresh how different it tasted.”
– Brock Wagner

Listen to the full audio here: Saint Arnold Brewing Company

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At Home on the Range

6th Annual Foodways Texas Symposium

The University of Texas
April 7-9, 2016
Austin, Texas

Join us for our 6th annual Foodways Texas symposium, “At Home on the Range,” where we will explore the relationship between food, identity, and gender roles in our home state of Texas. Baking and barbecue, home cooking and professional kitchens, cowboys and chili queens– each of these pairs demonstrate the range of masculine and feminine relationships to food. The hidden histories of cookbooks, San Antonio chili queens, Czech home kitchens, and women pitmasters are just a few of the topics we will explore at this year’s symposium. We will hear from chefs, scholars, food writers, and entrepreneurs about the ways in which gender influenced the personal histories and major industries of the state. Join us as we delve into the intersections of gender and foodways in Texas!
Tickets on sale now:
Members – $275

In addition to our panel and speaker sessions, six meals are included in your registration. All meals will be prepared by chefs, artisans, and restaurants from around the state and in line with our theme. “At Home on the Range” will take place on and around the University of Texas, Austin campus.

Tickets are on sale now to Foodways Texas members. Details regarding chefs, speakers, and venues will be released very soon.

See y’all in Austin!

Updated information will be posted to our Symposium Information page. Please check back for full details in the coming weeks. See our Past Events page for highlights from previous symposia. Contact us here with questions regarding “At Home on the Range.”

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From the Archives

In this 2012 interview, oral historian Anne Gessler speaks with Joe Lozano, roaster and owner, and Clay Roper, previous manager of Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company. Joe and Clay share perspectives on the Austin co-op scene of the 1970s and the growth of their importing collective, Cooperative Coffee.

“Coffee is like the food, it’s what we have in common. We learn about each other and our cultures, and the way we do things, and the things we believe, and how we handle the challenges we have. And I think that’s what, for me, it gives me pause to watch someone else live their life and make the decisions that they do, because sometimes it’s things that never would have occurred to me.” – Joe Lozano

Listen to the full audio here: http://av.cah.utexas.edu/index.php?title=Foodways%3AThird_coast_coffee

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February 21, 2016
3:30 – 6:30 pm
with Salt & Time & Foodways Texas
1912 E. 7th Street, Austin, Texas 78702
$150 (includes admission to evening pig roast)

Join Foodways Texas and Salt & Time on February 21st for our inaugural Pork Shop, a pork workshop for home cooks interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of cuts, pork cookery, and breed history. The class will include instruction on basic pork butchery, methods for cooking less popular cuts, and basic recipes from the folks at Salt and Time.


While Texas may be known popularly as a beef state, pork has an equally long history within these borders. The phrases “from the rooter to the tooter” and “everything but the squeal” remind us of days when families gathered together during the winter to harvest every piece of their hog for food or other household purposes. We hope to bring a little bit of that spirit back with our first Pork Shop.

Please direct inquiries to marvin@foodwaystexas.com.

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***Community Pig Roast postponed*** We are postponing this event due to weather. If you purchased a ticket, we will send an email regarding the full refund of your ticket order. As soon as we have a new date, we will let everyone know. Pork Shop is still on as scheduled. Thank you.

Foodways Texas Community Pig Roast


Join Foodways Texas for a community pig roast on February 21st with Salt & Time, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, SPUN Ice Cream, and Black Hill Ranch. Patrick Feges of Feges BBQ will preside over the pit for the day roasting pork from Black Hill Ranch. Salt & Time will serve up sides and SPUN Ice Cream will scoop dessert to round out the meal. Saint Arnold will tap a keg or two to keep the party moving.

Come spend some time with good folks enjoying good food and fellowship. Funds raised from the gathering will go directly to preserving food culture via Foodways Texas oral history projects. We hope to see you there!

Foodways Texas Community Pig Roast
1912 East 7th St, Austin, Texas, 78702
(Parking lot for Salt & Time and SPUN)
February 21, 2016
7-9 pm

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***Sold Out*** 2016 Camp Brisket

January 8-9, 2016
College Station, Texas


**Tickets will go on sale August 19th at 10 am to members only. You must be a member by July 31st to register for the camp.

While Barbecue Summer Camp takes a broad approach to barbecue cookery and culture in Texas and beyond, Camp Brisket focuses on that quintessential Texas smoked meat, the humble brisket, covering topics such as grades/types of beef, types of smokers, wrapping or not wrapping the brisket, and much more. Attendees will receive direction from professors in the Meat Science Section at Texas A&M, as well as hear from pitmasters from around the state of Texas regarding some of their basic techniques. Programming schedule coming soon.

Ticket price:
$495 – Foodways Texas Members

*Cost of ticket includes all sessions, talks, and activities as well as lunch and dinner during the event.

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2015 Foodways Texas Symposium


“The Texas Mexican Table”
5th Annual Foodways Texas Symposium
May 7-9, 2015
San Antonio, Texas


Join us in San Antonio as we celebrate “The Texas Mexican Table.” Our discussion will cover Mexican food in Texas in its many forms with two full days (May 8-9) of speakers broaching myriad topics. We will learn about Mexican and Native American foodways in Texas that have been appropriated, changed, fused, and influenced while we explore the context and history of their ingredients and styles. Among many other topics, expect to learn a bit about the foods of pre-contact Native Americans, tacos, Cabeza de Vaca, Chili, Tex-Mex, food and Conjunto, tamales, and the influx of various regional Mexican cuisines into Texas over the last several decades. We will also hear an update about our newest oral history project on Texas Mexican foodways. We can’t wait!

As usual, we’ll eat well with seven meals included in your registration. Chefs, artisans, and restaurants from around the state will join in the celebration by preparing meals that connect back to our discussions. The weekend begins Thursday evening, May 7th, with a welcome dinner and introduction to the symposium. Over the course of the next two days, we will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks between heavy doses of history and culture. The festivities will take place in and around San Antonio at places like The Pearl, La Villita, and Mission San Juan. The official roster of chefs, restaurants, speakers, and panelists will be released in the weeks leading up to the symposium.

For more information, please visit our Symposium Information page.

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**SOLD OUT** 2015 Barbecue Summer Camp Tickets On Sale Today at 10 AM

June 5-7, 2015
College Station, Texas

Tickets on sale:
December 10, 2014 (** members only – Must be a member by Nov 30, 2014 **)
10 AM
$495 – Foodways Texas Members

We will gather together deep in the heart of Texas for this meat and smoke-filled (wood smoke that is) weekend, where we will roll up our sleeves and learn about unique barbecue traditions, methods, and styles. Featuring award-winning professors from Texas A&M’s Meat Science Section, well-known pit masters, and regional barbecue authorities, the seminar will provide attendees with cooking and butchery demonstrations that will focus on the different types of meat, smoke, and spices used throughout the state and beyond. In addition, attendees will tour legendary Martin’s Place in Bryan, Texas, before learning about barbecue history and regional differences. Please join us in College Station as we investigate and celebrate one of our state’s great traditions.
E. M. “Manny” Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

June 5-7, 2015

Tickets on sale:
December 10, 2014 (** members only – Must be a member by Nov 30, 2014 **)
$495 – Foodways Texas Members

*Cost of ticket includes all sessions, talks, and activities as well as lunch and dinner during the event.
**If you purchase multiple tickets in one order, all potential attendees must be Foodways Texas members by November 30, 2014. You must provide the names of all individuals for whom you are purchasing tickets. If all names are not provided to Foodways Texas or one of the individuals on your order is not a Foodways Texas member at the time of your order, the entire order will be refunded.**
Read more

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Foodways Texas Oral History Collection Available Online

We are excited to announce that most of our oral history archive is up and available online at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History!! Thanks in no small part to (our intern) Bethany Fair and the folks working in the digital archive department at the Briscoe Center, we now have a searchable digital archive. Currently the public can access the audio interface, which includes a searchable, scrolling copy of the transcript and a general table of contents. Soon you will also be able to access PDF files of the transcripts as well as photos and ephermera collected during the interviews.

It it still a work in progress and will be updated regularly, but to say we’re thrilled is an absolute understatement.

You can browse the collection here: Foodways Texas Oral History Collection

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2014 Foodways Texas Symposium

“Farm to Market 2014″
4th Annual Foodways Texas Symposium
March 20-22, 2014
Bryan-College Station, Texas

Tickets on sale:
Members – $275
Public – $300



Lodging Information

Agriculture is the theme for “Farm to Market 2014,” our 4th Annual Symposium to be held in College Station at the new Agrilife Center facility on the campus of Texas A&M University.

We’ll start the weekend Thursday evening, March 20th with a welcome dinner and introduction to the symposium and then spend the next two days (March 21-22) discussing Texas crops and crop history, feeding cities, innovative urban farming, rice history and current challenges, Texas grapefruit, the business of olive orchards, wine terroir, and much more. As usual we will eat and drink well as the ticket price includes seven meals cooked by chefs and artisans (listed below with more to come) from around Texas. If you have not attended past symposia and are curious about what we do, please visit our Past Events page.

Farm to Market 2014 Schedule (subject to change)

Texas Chefs:

Molly McCook, Ellerbe Fine Foods, Fort Worth
Randy Evans, Haven, Houston
Todd Duplechan, Lenoir, Austin
Jesse Perez, Arcade Midtown Kitchen, San Antonio
Sharon Hage, Dallas

Texas Artisans:

Ronin Cooking, Bryan
Confituras, Austin
Salt and Time, Austin
Empire Baking Company, Dallas
Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Houston

Lodging Information

Come join us in Bryan-College Station for a discussion and celebration of agriculture in Texas!

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Caracol Oysterfest

March 4, 5-7 pm

To celebrate the bounty of the Gulf and the work of Foodways Texas, Tracy Vaught and Hugo Ortega will host a special event on Tuesday, March 4 at their new restaurant, Caracol. The Caracol Oysterfest will feature Texas appellation & Gulf oysters, seafood specialties by Hugo Ortega, and Texas craft beer. The event is open to the public with limited tickets available. Proceeds from the event will benefit Foodways Texas.

Tickets are $75 per person and include oysters (up to 18 per person), tamales, various seafood cocktails, and craft beer from Saint Arnold Brewing Company. There will be a cash bar for cocktails and wine. Oysters will be provided by Louisiana Seafood Global Seafood Source.

Guests can further support Foodways Texas by purchasing an annual membership to the organization, which will be offered for $25 off the usual price at the event only!

Caracol Oysterfest
2200 Post Oak Blvd. #160 Houston, TX 77056
Date: Tuesday, March 4th
Time: 5 PM to 7 PM
Admission: $75

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Happy Juneteenth 2013! and Happy Birthday Mama Sugar: Foodways Texas Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient


We presented our third Lifetime Achievement Award to Nathan Jean Whittaker (Mama Sugar) Sanders on April 4th at our third annual symposium. Mama Sugar is the matriarch of the Sugar Shack Trailblazers, a trail riding club founded in 1983 and member of the Southwestern Trail Riders Association. She brings her family’s East Texas cooking traditions to trail riders as well as revelers at her annual Juneteenth birthday party. We also produced a short documentary film to accompany the award and help tell some of Mama Sugar’s story. Click the film below to watch.

Mama Sugar
by Keeley Steenson

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Travaasa Austin to Host BBQ Bash to Support Foodways Texas

June 15th, 5-9pm


Travaasa Austin will be hosting a BBQ Bash, benefiting Foodways Texas on Saturday, June 15 from 5PM – 9PM.

Barbecue purveyors from around Texas will join together to create an unforgettable meal experience featuring all types of smoked meats. The event will be held on the 10 acre farm located across from Travaasa on the edge of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. The farm supplies the Travaasa kitchen as well as serves as an organic farming practices classroom for guests. Texas craft breweries, wines and spirits will also be featured. Marshall Ford Swing Band will provide entertainment and two step dance lessons will be offered.

Participating restaurants include: The Salt Lick (Austin), The Granary (San Antonio), Snow’s BBQ (Lexington), Pecan Lodge (Dallas) and Killen’s BBQ (Houston)

Participating craft breweries include: Hops & Grain (Austin), The Granary (San Antonio), Rahr & Sons (Ft. Worth) and Saint Arnold (Houston)

Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka will be providing cocktails.

To purchase tickets go to: www.travaasabbqbash.com

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2013 Foodways Texas Symposium Recap (of recaps)


We had such a great time planning and producing Our Barbecue, Ourselves, the third annual Foodways Texas Symposium in Austin this year on April 4-6. For those of you in attendance, we sincerely hope you learned something new about Texas barbecue and enjoyed the fabulous meals cooked by all of the participating pitmasters and chefs.

Instead of giving you all a blow by blow of the food-filled weekend, we’re going to cheat and let some of those who attended tell that story.

You can find a beautiful and thorough description of the events at the meaning of pie blog from member Kelly Yandell. In her words, the symposium has “taken on the air of a big family reunion (and the side of your family that you love), with more long-lost, heretofore unknown cousins showing up all the time.” Enjoy: http://www.themeaningofpie.com/2013/04/2013-foodways-texas-symposium/

One of our presenters and the Executive Director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, John T. Edge, put together a very cool Storify post for the weekend. http://storify.com/johntedge/foodways-texas-symposium-takes-on-barbecue

Some members of the press were there as well and published accounts in their respective publications.
Houston Press
Austin American Statesman
Austin Chronicle

Will Burdette of the No Satiation podcast devoted a weekly episode to the symposium: http://nosatiation.com/2013/04/18/episode-158-our-barbecue-ourselves/

Of course, photographs were taken. Here’s a few from:
Serious Eats
Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
Founding members Jim & Diane Gossen

Finally, one writer at the Austin Chronicle wondered if the symposium was worth the price. His answer – most definitely!

We’re already a little giddy about our 4th Symposium coming in Spring 2014 where we’ll spend a weekend discussing Texas agriculture. We hope to see old friends and new next year, and maybe some of those long lost cousins.

We want to thank our sponsors, The Pearl, Louisiana Foods, Goode Company Restaurants, the Greater Houston CVB, Traavasa Austin, Austin Saengerrunde, Texas Monthly, and Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Their generous contributions helped to make the event a great success.

We also want to thank the contributors to our efforts, the Southern Foodways Alliance, the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at the University of Texas, Whole Foods, Atkinson Candy Company, Blue Bell, Bud the Pieman, Dublin Bottling Works, Amy’s Ice Cream, Rahr & Sons Brewing Company, Austin Beerworks, Circle Brewing Company, Southside Market & Barbeque, and Hoover’s Cooking. Finally, we want to thank all of our volunteers who were instrumental in helping the entire weekend to run as smoothly as possible.

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3rd Annual Foodways Texas Symposium

April 4-6, 2013
Austin, Texas

Our Barbecue, Ourselves, the 3rd Annual Foodways Texas symposium will explore the past, present, and potential of smoked meat in Texas and its intimate connections to Texas cultural history and identity. As we feast on plates from around the state, we’ll consider what we can learn from barbecue as both meal and process. What can both the meat and the dishes served alongside it tell us about our history? How have traditions and techniques from diverse heritages intersected to create today’s Texas barbecue? How is the way we consume barbecue and barbecue culture being affected by changing technologies and food ideologies? Join us in Austin, April 4-6, 2013, as we eat, think, and talk our way from pasture to pit to plate.

Ticket costs:

$250 (member)
$280 (general public)
Hotel Information
Registration includes five meals.
Tickets are limited and on sale now.

Full Schedule

Read more

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Suds and Smoke

Deep Ellum Brewing Company, February 25th, 6-9pm

Join Foodways Texas at Deep Ellum Brewing Company for Suds and Smoke on February 25th from 6-9 pm. The evening will be a celebration of smoked food and craft beer and all proceeds will benefit Foodways Texas oral history projects in north Texas.
To add to the festivities, Foodways Texas will give away tickets to our upcoming symposium, Our Barbecue, Ourselves, on April 4-6 and our third annual Barbecue Summer Camp on June 7-9.

Food & Drink from:

Tim Byres of Smoke / Chicken ScratchLamb Barbacoa Tacos
Terry Chandler of Fred’s Texas Cafe / Outlaw Chef Ought-Zero Wagon – Mesquite Fired Tablitas
Justin Fourton of Pecan LodgePepper Crusted Smoked Pork Belly
Brian Luscher of The Grape / Luscher’s Post Oak Red HotsSmoked Beef Red Hots
David Uygur of LuciaMussels, N’duja and Grilled Bread
Deep Ellum Brewing CompanySix Beers on Tap
Central MarketSides
Suds and Smoke
Deep Ellum Brewing Company
February 25, 2013
6 PM to 9 PM

$50 Members (Become a Member)
$65 Non-Member

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***SOLD OUT*** Oyster Extravaganza at Saint Arnold Brewing Company

February 17th, 3-5 pm
Few things in life were meant for each other like oysters and beer. And this is the time of year when oysters are at their sweetest! Join Saint Arnold and Foodways Texas along with oyster expert Jim Gossen at the brewery as we explore tables and tables of appellation oysters from Texas Gulf Coast reefs.
Chef Danny Trace of Brennan’s of Houston will be preparing some special treats and Saint Arnold will tap a cask of Winter Stout, which pairs exceptionally well with oysters.
Ticket sales from this event will benefit Foodways Texas.

Oyster Extravaganza at The Brewery
2000 Lyons Avenue, Houston, TX 77020
Date: Sunday, February 17
Time: 3 PM to 5 PM
Admission: $50

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Reminder: Foodways Texas Symposium is Fun as All Get-Out


Our 2013 Symposium, Our Barbecue, Ourselves, will be held April 4-6 in Austin, Texas. We’ll take a look at Texas barbecue culture from a variety of perspectives, much like we did last year with preserving in Texas. Two days of speakers and panels and five full meals are included in the price. We’ll make an announcement about speakers, pitmasters, and chefs in the coming weeks, but here’s a little info for your interest: Aaron Franklin will serve up brisket and you won’t have to wait in line (well, maybe a little line). Hope we see you there!

See the recap of our 2012 Foodways Texas Symposium below:
We’ll make this recap brief since so many of our symposium guests have already posted their own experiences, but we need to send out a big thank you to all of our speakers, chefs, volunteers, and guests for making our second symposium such a great success (find a list of speakers & chefs here). You’ll find other recaps, stories, and memories linked below.

Before the weekend kicked off, we got into the Texas Preserved spirit with a canning class led by Stephanie McClenny of Confituras. Stephanie makes gourmet, locally sourced jams and preserves (candied grapefruit & chile marmalade! Carrot jam! Watermelon pickles!) and she loves sharing her knowledge with other aspiring canners. Quote of the day: “You’re gonna get sticky when you’re making jam.”

Our speakers and panelists covered topics from the history of sugarcane in Texas to the history of the cocktail in the South, from the effects of the 2011 drought on the food supply to the future of soul food among many other topics. We even witnessed a canning demo by Stephanie McClenny with a little Texas native fruit and berry history provided by food writer and historian MM Pack.

Our board member Elizabeth Engelhardt and her grad students in the American Studies Department at the University of Texas presented the Texas Iconic Restaurant Oral History Project, an effort to document the tales of restaurant greats around the state. You’ll be seeing more on this project soon, including the launch of our online archive sometime next week. The archive will include photos, transcripts, and audio clips from the interviews. We’re currently working on four other oral history projects as well, so the archive will grow quickly throughout 2012.

And of course, we were treated to some mighty fine chef-prepared meals. Chef Justin Yu of Oxheart in Houston prepared a “Coastal Bycatch Luncheon,” serving many delicious, little-known species of fish. We enjoyed John Mueller’s Barbecue with Hoover Alexander of Hoover’s Cooking providing the sides for our “Central Texas Barbecue Heritage Dinner.” Saturday found us visiting local urban farmers Glenn & Paula Foore of Springdale Farm for lunch and Larry Butler and Carol Ann Sayle of Boggy Creek Farm for dinner.

Matt McCallister formerly of Campo Modern Country Bistro and soon to be chef and owner of his own restaurant, FT-33, in Dallas, treated us to a hyper-local lunch of goat and greens sourced directly from farms in the area (including our host Springdale Farm).

We served an 1840s-style dinner by Chef Sonya Cote of Hillside Farmacy at Boggy Creek Farm to close out Saturday. Boggy Creek is a historical site on the East Side, and as its owner Miss Carol Anne Sayle recounted, it’s very likely that Stephen F. Austin himself dined in the same beautiful courtyard we sat in that night. Cote presented slabs of Red Wattle hog from Revival Market in a family-style setting that sent everyone home satisfied and ready for next year. Finally, on Sunday morning we sent all our friends off with a chuckwagon brunch a la Tom Perini of Perini Ranch Steakhouse. Tom spun tales of the old trail drives while we got a taste of the fare that cowboys once enjoyed on the trail.

It was a magical weekend, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the following recaps from some of our guests.

Kelly Yandell from themeaningofpie.com
Addie Broyles of the Austin American-Statesman
Pat Sharpe of the Texas Monthly
Virginia Wood of the Austin Chronicle
Robb Walsh of Texas Eats
Laura Davenport of White Fluffy Icing provided an extensive list of stories about Texas Preserved

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Barbecue Camping

***2013 Barbecue Summer Camp is sold Out. We still have a few spots left for Brisket Camp in January


Continuing our mission to preserve, promote, and celebrate the diverse food cultures of Texas, Foodways Texas, in partnership with the Meat Science Section in the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University, will hold two barbecue camps in 2013.

As usual, we will hold our annual Barbecue Summer Camp on June 7-9, 2013. Featuring award-winning meat science professors from Texas A&M, well-known pit masters, and regional barbecue authorities, the seminar will provide attendees with cooking and butchery demonstrations that will focus on the different types of meat, smoke, and spices used throughout the state and beyond. See the event page for information regarding past Barbecue Summer Camps and check out our Facebook page for photos from past events.

Additionally, we will add a second camp in 2013, Camp Brisket, on January 11-12. While Barbecue Summer Camp will continue to take a broad approach to barbecue cookery and culture in Texas and beyond, Camp Brisket will specifically focus on that quintessential Texas smoked meat, the humble brisket, covering topics such as the debate over which grades/types of beef to use, types of smokers, wrapping or not wrapping the brisket, and much more. Attendees at both camps will receive direction from professors in the Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science Meat Science Section as well as hear from pit masters from around the state of Texas regarding some of their basic techniques. We are still working on the program for this first Camp Brisket, so stay tuned for more information.

Tickets for both camps will go on sale to the general public on December 1. If you are a member of Foodways Texas by November 2, you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets early on November 16 at a discounted rate. We limit the amount of tickets sold to allow attendees the opportunity for hands-on experience, so expect them to sell quickly.

Tickets go on sale:

Nov 16 – Foodways Texas Members (must be member in good standing by November 2)
Dec 1 – Public

Ticket prices:

$495 – Foodways Texas Members
$550 – Public

*Cost of ticket includes all sessions, talks, and activities as well as lunch and dinner during the event. If you want to attend both camps, you must purchase a separate ticket for each.

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Food for Black Thought Symposium, September 28-29


Our friends Naya Jones and Professor Kevin Thomas from the University of Texas at Austin are putting on Food for Black Thought, “a community action symposium that will explore Black experiences with food and the food system, past and present, in Austin and beyond.” The 2-day community + action symposium will take place at the Warfield Center for African and African American Studies at UT Austin and the George Washington Carver Cultural Center. Facilitators and presenters include youth and adults, from the University of Texas at Austin, the greater Austin community, and from across the United States.

Foodways Texas board members Toni Tipton-Martin, Professor Elizabeth Engelhardt, and Hoover Alexander will all figure prominently in the program. Highlights include a screening of Soul Food Junkies with filmmaker Byron Hurt, a town hall meeting where you can “share your concerns, experiences, and ideas about food in Austin,” and a second documentary film screening from students at the East Austin Food Project. See the schedule for Saturday (9/29) events below and visit their Facebook page for more information and the full schedule. You’ll definitely see Foodways Texas during Saturday’s events at the George Washington Carver Cultural Center. We’ll most likely be found near the Hoover’s catered brunch.

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Film Feast to Screen Foodways Texas Films in New Orleans


Filmmaker Keeley Steenson has put together a series of films about Texas foodways for Film Feast, a film festival put on by the Southern Food & Beverage Museum. Two of the films are Foodways Texas’ productions, Good, Better, Best and Vencil Lives Here, both directed by Steenson.

You can catch Keeley at the Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center on Sunday at 2:30pm, and you can find the full list of Texas films here.

Vencil Lives Here
Directed by Keeley Steenson, filmed by Keeley Steenson & Joe York

Vencil Lives Here tells the story of Vencil Mares and the Taylor Cafe, a barbecue joint located in Taylor, Texas. Vencil opened Taylor Cafe in 1948 and still runs it today.

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Low & Slow: An Evening of Smoked Food & Film

Saint Arnold Brewery, Thursday August 9th, 7-10pm

Saint Arnold Brewing Company and Foodways Texas present Low & Slow: An Evening of Smoked Food & Film, a fundraiser for Foodways Texas on Thursday, August 9th from 7-10pm. The evening will feature short films by Keeley Steenson about Texas barbecue traditions as well as samples of the foods in the films.

To add to the festivities, Foodways Texas will give away tickets to our upcoming Barbecue-themed symposium on March 21-23 & our third annual Barbecue Summer Camp in June.

We will also feature barbecue-inspired small bites from the following Houston restaurants & artisans:

Backstreet Cafe, Down House, Haven, Himalaya, Hugo’s, The Grateful Bread, The Pass & Provisions, Reef, Revival Market
Admission to the event is $50 with the proceeds benefiting Foodways Texas’ oral history projects in Houston and East Texas. Tickets can be purchased through the Saint Arnold Brewery events page, or click here to purchase tickets now.
Low and Slow: An Evening of Smoked Food & Film
Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Thursday, August 9
7 PM to 10 PM
Admission: $50
For reservations, please click here.

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1930s till Today

Join Foodways Texas and the Lancarte Family, descendants of the legendary Joe T. Garcia, in celebrating Mexican cuisine from the 1930s till today. Enjoy a four-station feast featuring dishes from the Lancarte family of restaurants — Joe T Garcia’s, Lanny’s Alta Cocina Mexicana, and Esperanza’s. Chef Lanny P. Lancarte II, the great-grandson of Joe T. Garcia, will also be recreating some dishes from Joe T. Garcia’s original barbecue from 1935 (Joe T. Garcia’s was known as Joe’s Barbecue in 1935).

Join us in honoring the Lancarte Family for their contribution to Texas restaurant heritage while learning about the Foodways Texas Iconic Texas Restaurant Oral History Project.* Come support the Foodways Texas mission to preserve, promote and celebrate the diverse food cultures of Texas.

*The Iconic Texas Restaurant Oral History Project is a partnership of Foodways Texas, the Texas Restaurant Association, and the Department of American Studies at The University of Texas, Austin.

What: 1930s till Today Admission: $35 Foodways Texas members, $45 public
When: Monday, June 25, 7-9pm
Where: Joe T Garcia’s, 2201 North Commerce Street, Fort Worth, Texas.

Directions and information about Joe T. Garcia’s available here. Proceeds from the event will benefit Foodways Texas oral history projects.

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Oysters, Brews, and Blues

***Limited Tickets Available at the Door Tonight***
Houston, we’re doing it again. This time let’s enjoy appellation oysters and craft brew together. Goode Company Restaurants, in collaboration with Texas Eats author Robb Walsh, has announced Oysters, Brews, and Blues, a celebration of oyster reef communities along the Texas coast. Goode Company will put together an oyster appellation tasting bar reminiscent of what Foodways Texas did at our first symposium in Galveston, February 2011. You can read about our Gulf Coast Gathering here.

The evening will include discussion from Robb Walsh about Texas appellation oysters. Following the discussion, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy appellation oysters from Goode Company Seafood. Sonny Boy Terry, Houston bluesman recognized as one of Texas’ top harmonica players, will be performing throughout the evening. No Label Brewing Company, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, and Southern Star Brewing Company will be on hand as well to discuss their beers and pairing craft brew with Texas appellation oysters.

When: Tuesday, March 27th from 6-9 p.m. Tickets available March 12th at Foodways Texas for $50 each.

Where: Goode Company’s Armadillo Palace, 5015 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77098. Directions available here.

Proceeds from the event benefit Foodways Texas and the Coastal Conservation Association.

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Tickets on Sale Now for Foodways Texas Symposium, March 23-25


Texas Preserved
Second Annual Foodways Texas Symposium
March 23-25, 2012
Austin, Texas

Texas Preserved starts this morning. There are a few tickets left at the door.
Check out our 2012 program and chef lineup, hotel accommodations, and event locations. Tickets are limited and going fast!

$225 Members
$250 General Public
$85 Panels Only (no meals)
limited availability

Over the course of 2 1/2 days during Texas Preserved , our second Foodways Texas symposium, we will explore the ways we preserve Texas (as a region, as an idea) in our food and the ways we preserve food in Texas. We’ll talk about preservation in our pastures, on our farms, in our kitchens, and in the stories we tell around the dinner table. We’ll discuss what we literally preserve in the mason jars in our cupboards and witness some of those preservation techniques. The weekend’s sessions will include a broad range of topics faithful to our theme, including a canning demo by Confituras owner Stephanie McClenny along with a little history regarding fruits and vegetables unique to Texas. We’ll hear from the folks behind the Shrimp Boat Projects out of Houston, and a group of intrepid Austin historians out to collect stories from iconic restaurants around the state. Experts from around the state will update us on this historic drought and its effect on different segments of our food economy, while an expert panel of craft brewers will discuss the world of Texas breweries and help us launch our Craft Brewery oral history archive. Along the way we’ll sample artisanal wares from all across the state of Texas.

Registration includes lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday as well as a Sunday Chuck Wagon Brunch from Tom Perini of Perini Ranch Steakhouse. In addition to Perini, our chefs for the weekend include Justin Yu of Oxheart Restaurant in Houston cooking up the week’s catch from Louisiana Food’s Total Catch Market, Matt McCallister of Campo Modern Country Bistro in Dallas preparing a luncheon featuring goat from Windy Hill Farm and produce from Springdale Farm, Sonya Cote of East Side Showroom and Hillside Farmacy in Austin treating us to an 1840s farm dinner onsite at Boggy Creek Farm in east Austin, and John Mueller from JMueller BBQ serving up his legendary brisket at The Pearl sponsored dinner at Fiesta Gardens. Plan to be well-fed and satisfied when you trek back home on Sunday.

Foodways Texas would like to thank the following sponsors for helping to make Texas Preserved possible:


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Foodways Texas Announces Iconic Restaurant Oral History Partnership


We’re partnering with the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) and Professor Elizabeth Engelhardt’s American Studies class at the University of Texas, Austin, to collect and archive stories regarding iconic restaurants of Texas. See the press release here.

The graduate students will collect up to eight interviews from restaurants around the state, some of which will be featured at our second annual Foodways Texas Symposium on March 23-25. We will continue the partnership after the symposium with the first stage of oral history collection culminating in a multi-media presentation and display at the Texas Restaurant Association’s Southwest Foodservice Expo in June. We will continue adding to the archive throughout the year.

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Three Questions with… Hoover Alexander


You’re a fifth-generation Texan. What role did food play in your upbringing?

As a kid, you assume your experiences are the norm, and I associated food with bringing families and communities together. My mother and father were great cooks who spent their early years in rural communities outside of Austin. I have early memories of going out to the family farm and picking fresh peas, melons, greens, tomatoes, as well as watching my father butcher farm raised meats. We grew up eating what is now called farm-to-table.

What specifically attracted you to the mission of Foodways Texas?

Many of Foodways Texas’ founding fifty are or have been members of the Southern Foodways Alliance. I was blown away by SFA’s love, passion, knowledge about the culture and history of the South as seen through the prism of food. It helped me to further appreciate the rich cultural, ethnic, culinary melting pot that is Texas.

Now, as Foodways Texas, we want to celebrate the richness and great fortune of being in that sweet spot of South meeting Southwest – from the cooking traditions of black slaves, Cajuns, Native Americans, Czechs, Germans, and Poles, to cowboys, Mexicans, and relative newcomers like the Vietnamese. There are so many culinary traditions that cross-pollinate with our ranching, farming, and fishing lifestyles, as well as the Texas tradition of smoking foods. As I like to say, “If it fits in a pit we try to smoke it,” in Texas. Read more

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Three Questions with Foodways Texas Member, Leigh Vickery


We’re happy to inaugurate our “Three Questions” series today with a short interview with Leigh Vickery about her history in the food business and her company Leigh Oliver’s. We hope it helps to introduce Foodways Texas members to a larger audience and profile the myriad interests and occupations of our members. Thank you to Laura Davenport for rounding up our members for these short interviews. You can learn more about Laura at her blog, whitefluffyicing.com.

How did you get into the food business?
I grew up in Mississippi, in the kind of home where the family table was an important place of gathering, talking and enjoying good Southern cooking. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother and by the time I was 10 years old, the kitchen was my favorite creative outlet. I still have a very strong connection between cooking and enjoying life with my family and friends. I think that feeling is what initially drew me to wanting to see if I could make a business from what I liked to do.

Read more

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Good, Better, Best to Screen at the NYC Food Film Festival


We’re happy to announce that Good, Better, Best, a film by Keeley Steenson and sponsored by Foodways Texas will be screened during the closing night celebration of the NYC Food Film Festival on October 16th. Chef Amanda Freitag will preside and we’ve heard rumors that sorghum syrup will make its way on to the menu in some form. For more info on the festival, please visit http://thefoodfilmfestival.com/.

Read more

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Foodways Texas and Slow Food Austin to Host Bycatch Dinner November 13th at Wink Restaurant


In February of this year, food professionals Bryan Caswell of Reef, Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due Supper Club and P.J. Stoops of Louisiana Foods, participated in the Foodways Texas Annual Symposium to discuss the impact of current fishing practices in the Gulf of Mexico. Jenny Wang, a food writer in Houston, moderated the discussion. The name of the panel, “The Strangest Thing in the Nets: Bycatch, ‘Trashfish’ and Gulf Sustainability,” encapsulated the major issues threatening not only the Gulf of Mexico, but all major seas and oceans, and a solution to prevent the overfishing of the apex predator fish (grouper, snapper, tuna, salmon etc.) by diversifying fish demand to include what has traditionally been called Bycatch or Trashfish; Gulf sustainability being the ultimate goal.

In response to this panel, Slow Food Austin and Foodways Texas have come together to present a dinner exclusively featuring those very same Bycatch and Trashfish to show the community that not only are these fish edible, they taste good and they should be treated with the same amount of culinary respect as other fish.

For more on bycatch in the Gulf of Mexico see the excellent article, “Targeting the Total Catch,” by Foodways Texas member Kelly Yandell.

Please Join Foodways Texas and Slow Food Austin in discovering the bounty that the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. There will be a reception followed by a 4 course seated dinner with wine pairings at Wink Restaurant, Sunday, November 13th at 5pm featuring Chefs Jay Huang, Brandon Fuller of Wink, Matt Taylor of BC Tavern and Pastry Chef Jessica Armstrong of BC Tavern.

Bycatch Dinner
Sunday, November 13th
5pm Reception
6pm 4 Course Seated Dinner
$60 a person

A special thank you to our sponsors, Louisiana Foods, Wink Restaurant, and BC Tavern.
*A portion of the proceeds will benefit Slow Food Austin and Foodways Texas.

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2012 Barbecue Summer Camp Dates Announced


Mark your calendars for June 8-10, 2012, for the Foodways Texas Barbecue Summer Camp held in partnership with the Texas A&M University Meat Science Center in College Station, Texas. Tickets for the camp will go on sale sometime in November and we hope to announce a preliminary schedule of panels, pitmasters and events at that time. We will also expand the camp slightly to include a full day Friday and Saturday, as well as a half-day on Sunday. We expect you’ll be covered in at least four different types of wood smoke and have brine stains all over your clothes by the time you leave.

Last summer’s camp was a huge success so we anticipate high demand for a limited amount of tickets. We allow Foodways Texas members to buy tickets at a discounted rate for two weeks before we open up sales to the general public, so we suggest you become a member tomorrow, September 1st, when we open up 2012 membership in order to secure the best chance to attend. If you have questions regarding the camp please address them to our director, Marvin Bendele, at marvin@foodwaystexas.com or call our office at 512-232-8560.

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Pearl Brewery and The Culinary Institute of America to Host Benefit Dinner for Foodways Texas on September 8th in San Antonio


The benefit features a seven-course, chef-prepared meal. Cocktails will be served with Texas spirits, Texas craft brewed beer will be available, and Texas wine will be paired with the meal’s courses by Master Sommelier, Drew Hendricks. During the event, Molly O’Neill, author of “One Big Table; A Portrait of American Cooking,” will speak about immigrant foodways, while guests enjoy a meal influenced by immigrant communities in the San Antonio area.  Copies of the book signed by the author will be available for purchase courtesy of the Twig book shop. Tickets include dinner and wine pairing, cocktails, and craft brewed beer. Proceeds benefit Foodways Texas projects.

Featured chefs include:

Jason Dady of The Lodge Restaurant of Castle Hills
Steven McHugh of Luke
Andrew Weissman of Il Sogno & Sandbar
Tan Nguyen of Central Market, San Antonio
Elizabeth Johnson-Kossick of The Culinary Institute of America, San Antonio
Jesse T. Perez, consultant for Alamo Cafe
Rebecca Rather of Rather Sweet Bakery & Cafe

Come join us on September 8th and celebrate a great cause. Get your tickets today. Hope to see you there.

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Tom Perini on Marfa Public Radio

Listen to Tom Perini discuss trail drives, pan de campo, canned oysters, salt curing, and Foodways Texas on Marfa Public Radio. Listen Now

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2011 Barbecue Summer Camp Story and Recap from the Houston Chronicle

Check out this story about our 1st Annual Barbecue Summer Camp that just occurred June 3-5. It brings back very tasty memories. Also, stay tuned for details on our 2nd Annual Barbecue Summer Camp planned for Summer 2012 in College Station. We expect the 2012 camp to sell out, so become a member of Foodways Texas for 10% off registration and to make sure you get first chance to purchase tickets. We had a blast at Texas A&M this year and can’t wait for next summer. Hope to see you there.

Here’s a clip from the story:

It’s all in the smoke

The thermometer on the wall inside the pit room at Martin’s Barbecue reads 104. But that’s a good 10 feet from the heat source. Stand close to the pits, as Steve Kapchinskie does 12 to 14 hours a day, and you are basically being cooked, much like the brisket and pork ribs that have made Martin’s the most treasured barbecue in the Byran/College Station area.
Kapchinskie, whose grandfather Martin began selling barbecue in 1925, will tell you, you won’t find any flies in his work area. That’s because they can’t live in the smoky atmosphere, which is so thick you have to wonder how Kapchinskie does it day in and out. After a few minutes I’m stepping outside to grab oxygen that hasn’t been consumed by oak fire.
Kapchinskie doesn’t seem to notice the omnipresent fog-like haze that has colored the ceiling coal black. “My doctor said my lungs are great. I’ve been doing this since I was 12 years old and I’m 54,” the third-generation pitmaster said with a smile. “But I work hard for it.”
And we are grateful he does. No one seems to mind that it’s still morning on the first day of our camp and we’re wolfing down the best Martin’s has to offer. We are brought here by Texas barbecue authority Robb Walsh, one of our instructors, who has written extensively about the various historical and ethnic forces – which he calls “cultural tectonic plates” – that have come to define the styles of Texas barbecue. Walsh is high on this ‘cue shack, which he likens to a smoky time capsule.
Getting that smoke just right is the not-so-secret key to Martin’s barbecue, or any other barbecue for that matter.
“My father and grandfather said to me to let the wood do the cooking.”
Here, it’s doing the cooking and all the talking.

Read more: Camp ‘Cue

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Central Market Houston’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration to Benefit Foodways Texas

To celebrate this milestone, Central Market will hold an outdoor, tented event featuring 10 of Houston’s finest chefs; Texas wine makers and farmers; live entertainment from Houston’s favorite Yvonne Washington; and mingling with fellow foodies. Titled 2001 – 2011 A Delectable Decade: Celebrating 10 years of Foodie Love, the event is slated to take place Thursday, June 2, 2011 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Central Market, 3815 Westheimer, Houston, Texas.

Ten of our favorite chefs are participating in a ‘chef invitational’, each creating a specialty dish with all Texas products. Stationed throughout the tent, each chef will cook up three ounce portions of his/her dish, and serve them to party goers. Additionally, local celebrity judges and a panel of customers will cast their vote for their favorite dish, and crown a Central Market 10th Anniversary winner at the end of the evening. Participating chefs include:

Randy Evans from Haven, Philippe Schmit from Philippe Restaurant, Kiran Verma from Kiran’s, John Sheely from Mockingbird Bistro, Hugo Ortega from Hugo’s, Chris Shepherd from Underbelly, Jamie Zelko from Zelko Bistro, Olivier Ciesielski from L’Olivier Maison, Claire Smith from Canopy and Shade, and the Central Market Executive Chef

The chefs will be available to meet, greet and answer any questions during their personal appearance. Local food vendors include Generation Farms, Texmati and Kitchen Pride Mushrooms while local products may include Texas quail, goat cheese, eggs, tomatoes, pork, redfish or Gulf Coast fish, and Gulf shrimp. Local wines, including Messina Hof, are paired with each dish.

Tickets for the event are $100, available online at www.centralmarket.com via the Houston Cooking School reservation site. (From the home page, you must click Cooking School and Houston to book online.) All proceeds benefit Foodways Texas, an organization founded by scholars, chefs, journalists, restaurateurs, farmers, ranchers, and other citizens of the state of Texas who have made it their mission to preserve, promote and celebrate the diverse food cultures of Texas.

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Congratulations to Robb Walsh!

Writer and founding member, Robb Walsh, recently won his third James Beard award for a piece entitled ”The Southerner’s Guide to Oysters”  that he co-wrote with Rick Bragg and Francine Maroukian for Garden and Gun Magazine. Robb’s section is a tour of Gulf Coast oyster bars, including Gilhooley’s Raw Bar in San Leon. Robb recently wrote a piece profiling PJ Stoops, the Louisiana Foods Total Catch Market, and the bycatch panel at our first annual symposium for the June/July issue of Garden and Gun. Incidentally, you can find a snippet about our Barbecue Summer Camp in the same issue.

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Foodways Texas Partners with IACP on Up In Smoke

Foodways Texas is pleased to announce Up in Smoke, an event co-sponsored by Foodways Texas and the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Up in Smoke is part of the IACP’s 33rd Annual Conference “Light Your Fire: Sparks from the Culinary Edge” to be held in Austin, Texas, June 1-4, 2011.

Event Details:
June 4, 2011 from 6-9pm
Boggy Creek Farm
3414 Lyons Road
Austin, Texas 78702

Come enjoy live music and great barbecue with good friends for a good cause under the oaks at Boggy Creek Farm. Get your network on and join us for an Austin-style mash-up of music and food hot off the grill. Sample barbacoa from El Naranjo, brisket from John Mueller Barbecue, pork ribs from Hoover’s Cooking, cabrito from Lambert’s Downtown Barbecue, or go whole hog with a feral hog roast by Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due.

Trace at the W Austin will serve up new takes on traditional southern barbecue sides like German potato salad and coleslaw, while Hoover’s Cooking will offer their famous cowboy beans. Wash it all down with hand-crafted beer from Saint Arnold Brewing Company, wine from Stonehouse Vineyards, or a refreshing cocktail by Dripping Springs Vodka. “Up in Smoke is co-sponsored by IACP and Foodways Texas, and all proceeds from this grand finale event will benefit the Sustainable Food Center Austin.

This event is open to the public, so those wishing to attend may purchase tickets through EventBrite by visiting http://iacppublicevents.eventbrite.com. Tickets are $65, and include all food and drink for the evening.

For more information and a detailed program of other IACP conference events please visit the official IACP website: http://www.iacp.com.

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Barbecue Summer Camp in College Station

Foodways Texas presents this weekend seminar on barbecue cookery that features sessions on butchering and the science of barbecue by Texas A&M University Meat Science professors as well as lectures on barbecue history and lore by well-known barbecue authorities. As an attendee, you will receive hands-on experience formulating rubs and sauces under the direction of a spice industry expert. You will get the chance to compare the results of rubs you create, different types of wood smoke, and techniques like brining and injecting. Attendees will be treated to a screening of a new short film collaboration by Foodways Texas and the Southern Foodways Alliance. The program will also include a tour of historic Martin’s Place in Bryan, Texas, along with complimentary lunch and dinner on both Friday and Saturday. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit our Barbecue Summer Camp main page. For information on the weekend’s program click here.

Location: E. M. “Manny” Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
When: Friday June 3 through Sunday June 5, 2011.
Tickets: $495 (hotel is not included)

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Texas Monthly Features Board President Tom Perini

Foodways Texas’ recently elected Board President Tom Perini is featured on the front cover of the April edition of Texas Monthly and in the article, “Home Plates,” by Patricia Sharpe, Katharyn Rodemann, and Foodways Texas board historian June Naylor. Naylor profiles Perini’s fried chicken for the article about iconic Texas dishes. Both Perini and Naylor were recently elected as officers of Foodways Texas’ Board of Directors, along with Toni-Tipton Martin as Vice-President and Louis Lambert as Treasurer. Our full board membership is listed below.

Tom Perini, President (Owner, Perini Ranch Steakhouse)
Toni Tipton Martin, Vice-President (Director/Founder, Sande Youth Project)
Louis Lambert, Treasurer (Owner, Lambert’s Barbecue)
June Naylor, Historian (Freelance Food Writer) Read more

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Gulf Coast Gathering: 1st Annual Foodways Texas Symposium Recap

Foodways Texas hosted our “Gulf Coast Gathering,” the first annual Foodways Texas Symposium February 25-26, 2011 in Galveston, Texas. Guests from across Texas and the U. S. attended.

We began at the Texas Seaport Museum, where Dr. Sammy Ray was honored with the inaugural Foodways Texas Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Ray’s exceptional work as a marine biologist has had a profound impact on the fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico for many decades, and he is known around the country for his pioneering research on oysters in and around Galveston Bay.

The programming continued at the Texas A&M University Galveston campus, where we engaged in discussion on a wide range of issues impacting the Gulf of Mexico.

Joe Nick Patoski took us on a photographic tour of the entire 377-mile Texas gulf coast, and challenged us to take a fresh look at the stories our diverse coastline holds. To limit our discussion of the coast to our beaches is to miss most of the story, which occurs in our back bays, estuaries, and barrier islands.

Elizabeth Engelhardt provided an in-depth look at the semantics of the term “foodways,” and how it applies to our mission. Foodways, we learned, includes not only what we eat but why and with whom we eat it. Our foodways signifies our values, our priorities, where we’ve been, where we’re going, and much more. Amy Evans Streeter showcased a sampling of the intriguing oral histories she has gathered for the Southern Foodways Alliance, and we discussed how Foodways Texas will soon embark on our own project to gather similar stories.

Read more

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Gulf Coast Gathering Recap via themeaningofpie.com

We will post a short recap of our first annual symposium later today, but in the meantime please check out this excellent post by our friend and member Kelly Yandell at themeaningofpie.com. Here is an excerpt:

“…we spent an entire day listening to speakers whose areas of interest were so diverse as to include All Girl Tomato Clubs of the early part of the last century, dive bars and restaurants of the Coast, Vietnamese fishing communities, and a photographic trip from one end of the Texas coast to the other by Joe Nick Patoski. Patoski’s talk tempted me to actually spend a spring going from one end to the other, crossing bridges, kayaking, watching turtles run for the waves, bird watching and beach loafing. Someday. For lunch, you ask? Chris Shepherd of Catalan in Houston teamed up with Louisiana Foods to serve us some exceptional gumbo, fried oyster hand pies and most curious of all, Oyster Drills. Oyster Drills are salt water snails that wreak havoc on the oysters. They “drill” holes in the young oyster shells and suck out the contents. Oystermen take a great deal of pleasure in watching people eat Oyster Drills. We decided that we simply needed a little butter and garlic to make a real go of it.”

Read the entire post here.

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Panel to Discuss Bycatch at Annual Symposium

Foodways Texas is proud to present “The Strangest Thing in the Nets: Bycatch, ‘Trashfish,’ and Gulf Sustainability,” a panel discussion during the upcoming Foodways Texas Annual Symposium. Food writer Jenny Wang will be moderating, with panelists Bryan Caswell of Reef, Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due Supper Club, and P. J. Stoops of Louisiana Foods weighing in on the impact of current fishing practices in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Many don’t realize that the Gulf of Mexico is the second most productive fishery in the world,” said P. J. Stoops in a recent interview, “and Texans often don’t fully appreciate its diversity and abundance. However, unless we increase awareness and change our harvesting methods, access to seafood options we enjoy today will be drastically reduced in as few as 5 to 10 years.”

To hear more about this 600,000 square mile aquatic farmland in our backyard, and what we can do to preserve it, join us for “The Strangest Thing in the Nets: Bycatch, “Trashfish,” and Gulf Sustainability,” at the upcoming 2011 Foodways Texas Symposium in Galveston on February 25-26.

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Oyster Expert Jon Rowley Added to Symposium Program

Foodways Texas is honored to add oyster guru, Jon Rowley, to our conversation about Galveston Bay oysters at the upcoming Foodways Texas Annual Symposium. He will join author Robb Walsh, Jim Gossen of Louisiana Foods, Misho Ivic of Misho’s Oyster Company, Tracy Woody of Jeri’s Seafood, and Dr. Sammy Ray of Texas A&M University, Galveston, on the panel “From Pepper Grove to San Antonio Bay: The Secret History of Oyster Appellations on the Texas Coast.”

The group will discuss the history of harvesting oysters in Texas, the importance of oyster reef communities, and the outlook for one of Texas’ most beloved delicacies. They’ll all be on hand after the panel for an oyster appellation tasting and happy hour at Gaido’s on Saturday, February 26th at 6:30pm, where all symposium attendees will have the opportunity to taste oysters from six distinct appellations. Read more

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Fort Worth Culinary Charreada

Join Foodways Texas and our friends and members in Fort Worth on Sunday, February 20, for a benefit and party to launch Foodways Texas in the Fort Worth area. The Fort Worth Culinary Charreada will be a Sunday evening party with chuckwagons, Mexican dishes and food from favorite local chefs and farmers.

Terry Chandler and other cowboy cooks will offer old-fashioned campfire cooking from their chuckwagons, while Lou Lambert, Lanny Lancarte, Grady Spears, Dena Peterson, Molly McCook, Gerard Thompson, Jerrett Joslin, Gwin Grimes, Paula Lambert and other food geniuses will serve specialties from their Texas repertoire. Rahr Beer, Republic Tequila and Fall Creek Vineyard wines will be poured, and music will include mariachis and country groups. Kids’ activities are planned as well.

The Fort Worth Culinary Charreada will take place from 4 until 8 p.m. at Clear Fork Station, 4971 East I-20, Willow Park, Texas, just west of Fort Worth. Tickets are $45 per person or $80 per couple; kids 12 and under get in free. Click the link below to purchase tickets.

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2011 Foodways Texas Symposium Tickets On Sale Now

Program schedule now online!

Join us at Texas A&M University in Galveston for our 2011 Symposium, “Gulf Coast Gathering,” February, 25-26. The event features meals by chefs Tim Byres of Smoke in Dallas, Chris Shepherd of Catalan in Houston, and Casey Gaido of Gaido’s in Galveston, an oyster appellation tasting and happy hour, and a full day of speakers and panels regarding Texas Gulf Coast food culture. Click the link above to purchase tickets or visit our symposium information page for more details. Click here for hotel accommodations in Galveston during the symposium.

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Dallas Gulf Coast Gathering

Join us for a fundraiser to launch FOODWAYS TEXAS in DALLAS.

The event is MONDAY, JANUARY 24 and will include a celebration of the Texas Gulf. Shrimp, Fish and Oyster Feast, Oyster Shucking Contest, Live Music, Appearances by Foodways Texas founding member Robb Walsh and director Marvin Bendele and much more! Read about the event in the Dallas Observer.

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Houston Urban Gardens in the Works

Representatives from Houston Food Bank, Last Organic Outpost, Covenant Community Capital, the Harris County office of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, and Foodways Texas met on Friday, January 7th, to discuss some intriguing urban garden opportunities.

The Houston Food Bank is looking for someone to build a demonstration garden on a two-acre plot of land beside the parking lot at their new headquarters on I-10 east. Meanwhile, Covenant Community Capital is assisting a group of chefs, including Randy Evans from Haven, who are looking for a spot for a cooperative restaurant garden. Last Organic Outpost and the Harris County AgriLife extension office are looking for ways to help both groups. One idea under consideration is to turn the Houston Food Bank lot into a composting facility–at least to get that project started. The search for a restaurant garden is focusing on vacant lots in the Fifth Ward.

Foodways Texas is an organization made up of chefs, academics, food writers and farmers (among others) and after listening to our friends in these various communities, we concluded that it might make sense to bring the parties interested in building urban gardens in Houston together. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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Join us for the FOODWAYS TEXAS Austin launch party & fundraiser!!

It will be an afternoon of Texas food, film and music.

Enjoy a SCREENING of the first Foodways Texas documentary film on the making of sorghum syrup, “Good, Better, Best” by Keeley Steenson.

And your chance to become a charter member of an exciting movement to preserve and celebrate Texas food cultures.

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