Part of the mission of Foodways Texas is to preserve and document the food traditions and the diverse food cultures of the state. Documenting these Texas food stories is the bread and butter of our organization. Following the lead of the Southern Foodways Alliance and their inspiring work in documenting the foodways of the South, our goal is to establish an oral history and documentary film archive that will house the numerous stories and traditions in the state.

We began creating material for our documentary film initiative soon after Foodways Texas was born in July of 2010. You can now stream our completed films on our Film page. We are perpetually working on new material, so check back regularly for new Texas food stories.

In addition, we continue to add interviews to our oral history archive of the food history and traditions of the state of Texas. Think barbecue, tamale, wine, oyster, craft beer, olive, taco, and citrus culinary archives (among many others). Texas has so many food stories to offer oral historians that we figure to stay busy collecting stories for decades. Currently, we have interviews available online from our Iconic Texas Restaurant project with many more being prepared for the online archive. Soon, you will be able to access stories from pitmasters, food co-ops, breweries, alumni of the Nighthawk restaurant chain, and eateries influenced by cajun and creole foodways in east Texas. You can access available stories on our Oral History page now. Again, check back regularly as we will continually add more interviews in the months and years to come.

Please do contact us with interesting stories we should collect or people we should meet.

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