Bycatch Dinner
Sunday, November 13th
5pm Reception
6pm 4 Course Seated Dinner
$60 a person


In February of this year, food professionals Bryan Caswell of Reef, Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due Supper Club and P.J. Stoops of Louisiana Food, participated in the Foodways Texas Annual Symposium to discuss the impact of current fishing practices in the Gulf of Mexico. Jenny Wang, a food writer in Houston, moderated the discussion. The name of the panel, “The Strangest Thing in the Nets: Bycatch, ‘Trashfish’ and Gulf Sustainability”, encapsulated the major issues threatening not only the Gulf of Mexico, but all major seas and oceans, and a solution to prevent the overfishing of the apex predator fish (grouper, snapper, tuna, salmon etc.) by diversifying fish demand to include what has traditionally been called Bycatch or Trashfish; Gulf sustainability being the ultimate goal.

“Trashfish or Rough Fish usually refers to larger fish species that are not commonly eaten, are too rare to be commonly encountered, or are not sought after by anglers for sporting purposes. There is no standard list of rough fishes. A fish that is considered a rough fish in one region may be considered a desirable game and food fish in another.”

Bycatch refers to fish that are of a different species than the targeted species, undersized individuals of the target species, or juveniles of the target species.

In response to this panel, Slow Food Austin and Foodways Texas have come together to present a dinner exclusively featuring those very same Bycatch and Trashfish to show the community that not only are these fish edible, they taste good and they should be treated with the same amount of culinary respect as other fish.

Please Join Foodways Texas and Slow Food Austin in discovering the bounty that the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. There will be a reception followed by a 4 course seated dinner with wine pairings at Wink Restaurant, Sunday, November 13th at 5pm featuring Chefs Jay Huang, Brandon Fuller of Wink, Matt Taylor of BC Tavern and Pastry Chef Jessica Armstrong of BC Tavern.

A special thank you to our sponsors, Louisiana Foods, Wink Restaurant and BC Tavern.
*A portion of the proceeds will benefit Slow Food Austin and Foodways Texas.

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