Gulf Coast Gathering Recap via

We will post a short recap of our first annual symposium later today, but in the meantime please check out this excellent post by our friend and member Kelly Yandell at Here is an excerpt:

“…we spent an entire day listening to speakers whose areas of interest were so diverse as to include All Girl Tomato Clubs of the early part of the last century, dive bars and restaurants of the Coast, Vietnamese fishing communities, and a photographic trip from one end of the Texas coast to the other by Joe Nick Patoski. Patoski’s talk tempted me to actually spend a spring going from one end to the other, crossing bridges, kayaking, watching turtles run for the waves, bird watching and beach loafing. Someday. For lunch, you ask? Chris Shepherd of Catalan in Houston teamed up with Louisiana Foods to serve us some exceptional gumbo, fried oyster hand pies and most curious of all, Oyster Drills. Oyster Drills are salt water snails that wreak havoc on the oysters. They “drill” holes in the young oyster shells and suck out the contents. Oystermen take a great deal of pleasure in watching people eat Oyster Drills. We decided that we simply needed a little butter and garlic to make a real go of it.”

Read the entire post here.

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