Houston Urban Gardens in the Works

Representatives from Houston Food Bank, Last Organic Outpost, Covenant Community Capital, the Harris County office of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, and Foodways Texas met on Friday, January 7th, to discuss some intriguing urban garden opportunities.

The Houston Food Bank is looking for someone to build a demonstration garden on a two-acre plot of land beside the parking lot at their new headquarters on I-10 east. Meanwhile, Covenant Community Capital is assisting a group of chefs, including Randy Evans from Haven, who are looking for a spot for a cooperative restaurant garden. Last Organic Outpost and the Harris County AgriLife extension office are looking for ways to help both groups. One idea under consideration is to turn the Houston Food Bank lot into a composting facility–at least to get that project started. The search for a restaurant garden is focusing on vacant lots in the Fifth Ward.

Foodways Texas is an organization made up of chefs, academics, food writers and farmers (among others) and after listening to our friends in these various communities, we concluded that it might make sense to bring the parties interested in building urban gardens in Houston together. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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