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Scott Pryor interviews David Cortez of Mi Tierra Restaurant and Bakery in San Antonio in this oral history from 2012. Foodways Texas members were lucky enough to enjoy semitas from Mi Tierra at our 2015 Symposium. Here, David shares stories of his father’s migration to Texas during the Depression and memories of growing up in the restaurant industry in San Antonio in the 1950s and 60s.

I always say that, “The Mercado was the cradle of Mexican Food, for Tejas, San Antonio, and The Market, is still cooking the same food and traditions from way back hundreds of years. My Father didn’t know that the word, ‘Tex Mex,’ he knew Americano, but things evolve.”
- David Cortez

Listen to the full audio here:

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From the Archives

Here, Niko Tonks interviews Brock Wagner of Saint Arnold’s Brewery in Houston. Brock shares the story of his transition from home brewer to owner of Saint Arnold’s.

“As a home brewer, it was like – - there was sort of the fun of creating these flavors. There was a little bit of fun of beer archeology, and that you could bring back, you know, or brew a Porter, which had really died out – - and also, you know, It was, really very eye opening, just the freshness of the beer, when you drank the beer that fresh how different it tasted.”
– Brock Wagner

Listen to the full audio here: Saint Arnold Brewing Company

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At Home on the Range

6th Annual Foodways Texas Symposium

The University of Texas
April 7-9, 2016
Austin, Texas

Join us for our 6th annual Foodways Texas symposium, “At Home on the Range,” where we will explore the relationship between food, identity, and gender roles in our home state of Texas. Baking and barbecue, home cooking and professional kitchens, cowboys and chili queens– each of these pairs demonstrate the range of masculine and feminine relationships to food. The hidden histories of cookbooks, San Antonio chili queens, Czech home kitchens, and women pitmasters are just a few of the topics we will explore at this year’s symposium. We will hear from chefs, scholars, food writers, and entrepreneurs about the ways in which gender influenced the personal histories and major industries of the state. Join us as we delve into the intersections of gender and foodways in Texas!
Tickets on sale now:
Members – $275

In addition to our panel and speaker sessions, six meals are included in your registration. All meals will be prepared by chefs, artisans, and restaurants from around the state and in line with our theme. “At Home on the Range” will take place on and around the University of Texas, Austin campus.

Tickets are on sale now to Foodways Texas members. Details regarding chefs, speakers, and venues will be released very soon.

See y’all in Austin!

Updated information will be posted to our Symposium Information page. Please check back for full details in the coming weeks. See our Past Events page for highlights from previous symposia. Contact us here with questions regarding “At Home on the Range.”

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